Dealer Spotlight – Custom Wheels For Less

Please welcome aboard a new site sponsor – Custom Wheels For Less LLC. The company was founded in 2010 by Gerry Corbo as an online and mail-order wholesaler and distributor of high end custom forged wheels for sports cars, exotic cars and SUVs. They have quickly become a forum favorite and well trusted dealer by providing up to the minute details on orders, top notch customer service, and extremely fast response times.

The company’s main focus is to maintain a competitive pricing schedule while providing the best customer service in the industry. They frequent most of the online automotive forums where you can find reviews and threads about their service and merchandise.

Custom Wheels For Less focus on the forged wheel market with carbon, monoblock and multi-piece offerings from brand such as ANRKY, Brixton Forged, Forgeline, HRE, PUR and Strasse. They strategically limit the number of brands they sell to provide the best representation possible.

Gerry is proud of the numerous friendships that have been cast from the many customers he has helped throughout the world. Wheels and sports cars are a passion of his and thus the progression to becoming a world leader in Custom Forged Wheels seemed a natural progression.

So whether you are looking to fit new wheels to your Corvette or a Ferrari give Gerry a call (440-915-6166) or email (sales and see what CW4L can do for you and give them the chance to earn your business not just for one car, but for LIFE.


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