Titan 7 release the T-D6

New for 2020 from the team at TITAN 7 is the forged 6 spoke design T-D6. They have taken the “I–Beam” spoke construction beyond the competition by connecting the machining work from the hub, spoke, and rim. This is a first for any wheel manufacturer, and they decided to emphasise this on their Launch Edition versions by offering it in a contrast machine color. The T-D6 employs standard Titan 7 features such as original game run forced inner rim flange for durability and bead seat knurling for traction.

This model is being launched with 3 JDM applications – Honda Civic Type R, Subaru WRX and Toyota Supra GR. Prices start at $2080 MSRP USD.

Keep an eye on our Titan 7 gallery for examples of this new design on customer cars soon.

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